CAFEC USA is hosting its first Brew Cup Championship in Los Angeles, CA the dates are to be determined 2025 Spring or Summer collaboration with Active Wisdoms Corporations. We want to invite our favorite coffee roasters and home brewers to compete to discover the best pour over brewers in the USA. The champion of the tournament will receive a limited-edition golden Tsubame Pro along with various additional prizes.

We have noticed your enthusiasm for the art of pour overs and want to invite you into our competition. We expect to see highly qualified baristas challenge themselves to brew exceptional coffee through innovative techniques and extensive knowledge of extraction theory. Specific details and rules will be announced closer to the competition date. We are excited to see fellow coffee lovers come together to advance the art of pour overs! 

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  • Limited Edition CAFEC GOLD Tsubame Pro Kettle (Only exclusive to champions: Daiki Hatakeyama & JHDC champions)
  • CAFEC Special Edition dripper
  • 8000 CAFEC filters (one whole case of your favorite paper filters)
  • Secret prizes to be announced.


Links to sign up:

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