About Us

Our Story

Passion for Sustainable Living

Active Wisdoms Corporation was created to propose a healthy lifestyle to people and raise awareness of sustainable living.

A lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources. Active Wisdoms Team has been distributing to natural supermarkets, coffee stores, and airports.

The first impression of CAFEC was similar to the movie “Jerry Maguire”: I would tell Mr. Nakatsuka, “you had me at hello!”.

While I was exploring a variety of specialty coffee at Los Angeles Coffee Expo, Mr. Nakatsuka, CEO of CAFEC, smiled at me and said “Hello! Would you like to try specialty coffee?” Not only I was drawn to the beauty of flower dripper and drip pot, but I also enjoyed the specialty CAFEC coffee!! After drinking CAFEC coffee, I felt very focused and loved the flavor. I also like the fact that the hand drip coffee or pour-over coffee taste better and is more eco-friendly than the typical coffee from an espresso machine or Quit K-Cups.

CAFEC headquarter in Japan was very impressive and organized. When I visited the offices/factories, I could tell instantly that Mr. Nakatsuka is loyal, reliable, and dedicated to his employees, communities, and coffee lifestyle. It is my honor to work with him to promote sustainable coffee living.


Our Mission

Creating a Sustainable Environment

"We deliver high-quality products, promote a healthy lifestyle, and make you smile."

By impacting on the global environment, community, and economy—a business that strives to meet the triple bottom line.
Quality Relationship + Actions + Wisdom = The Meaningful Life

Brand Spirit

CAFEC was launched as the original brand of Sanyo Sangyo. Sanyo Sangyo Co., Ltd was found in 1973 as the synthetic coffee equipment manufacturer, and has been growing since then.

We are the first manufacturer who developed the cone-shaped paper filter in the world, and our main product “coffee paper filter” has been delivered to market both in and out of Japan as OEM and NB products for many years.

Besides the main paper filter business, we has been broaden our business to other coffee equipment and to drip coffee bag, stick sugar and milk powder. And more, further broaden to coffee roasting and food business such as frozen food, seasoning and dressing. We, as Sanyo Sangyo, also manage the specialty coffee café named “Youmeca” and the restaurant “Hyakuzen-no-yume”. Like this, we always pursue how to better enjoy good taste of coffee and food.



Paper, but not just paper

We are the pioneer of making cone-shaped coffee paper filters.

- we use traditional processing.

- we roast coffee and operate coffee shops in Japan

- we want to make the best coffee brew gear to make a cup of delicious coffee for coffee lovers.

There are many kinds of coffee filter paper in markets, but it would be a big mistake if you think it is just paper and there is not much difference even in which paper you use.

Our CAFEC filter paper has a “Two-Side Crepe”. Though another normal paper has a crepe on one side only. However, the CAFEC paper keeps Two-Side Crepe by our original papermaking technology (Air-through dry). Thanks to the best balance of the height of crepe on both sides, it can keep enough air layer between paper and dripper so water can flow inside at an ideal speed.

That is, “Two-Side Crepe” can be said proof of good filter paper. It is a paper, but not just a paper!