CAFEC Roadshow in May 2022 | Pour Over Class | Coffee Ceremony

About this event

We are hosting this Pour-Over Class to launch “OTEMAE coffee” by CAFEC and have a coffee ceremony brewed by the founder of CAFEC via zoom meeting and in-person events. Please sign up to get special CAFEC code as well!


You can view our coffee seminar presentation talking about our paper filters, the brewing methods and coffee temperature. 

Latest CAFEC Coffee seminar including roasting level paper filter.pptx - Google Slides

We want to see many coffee lovers connected on this special weekend! We look forward to meeting you on May 21st or 22nd, 2022! We will be brewing coffee roasted by Coffee Master (Mr. Nakatsuka) and and Unity coffee and ONYX coffee.

Sunday Coffee Ceremony and Pour-Over Class taught by Cafec Master Tickets, Sun, May 22, 2022 at 10:30 AM | Eventbrite

Please visit us at to see some of the pour-over gear. We also have big sales so that you can bring some coffee gear back home.

  • Why do we want to take this class? This virtual pour-over class is a special event and introduces you to brewing a cup of delicious coffee. The class guides you through the dialing-in process as we look to maximize the flavor potential by using a premium pour-over brewer and signature CAFEC filters.
  • What are we learning? You can expect to take home some simple yet effective recipes that are sure to give you delicious results on your next brew. Our mission is to showcase anyone could brew a cup of delicious coffee anytime and anywhere if you have freshly roasted coffee, good water, and high-quality brewing gear.
  • Who should take this class: This class is great for anyone who is new to pour-over coffee, a lifelong homebrewer, or a barista because we will demonstrate Osmotic Flow taught by Coffee Master - Mr. Shigeji Nakatsuka. We will also launch our new "OTEMAE coffee" with you all!

Who is Mr. Shigeji Nakatsuka?

  • Roasting experience for 18 years
  • Lecture of coffee hand-drip seminar for more than 23 years
  • Member of the SCAJ Japan Brewers Committee
  • Permanent member of the Beppu Champer of Commerce
  • Chairman of the International service committee in Beppu- East Rotary Club
  • Director of Oita Foreign Trade Association
  • ChairmanoftheOitaProductsOverseasBusinessPromotionAssociation


Who is Ashley Han?

  • My mission is to deliver healthy and sustainable products for all
  • One for all, All for one: As a homebrewer who loves to brew pour-over coffee, I always look for freshly roasted coffees, high-quality paper filters, and brew gears so that many of us can have a cup of delicious coffee anytime and anywhere. So I decided to import the best products within the coffee industry to share with you all!
  • Head of CAFEC USA:
  • Exclusive importer of CAFEC products for the USA
  • Home Brewer for 20 years
  • Roasting experience for 3 years
  • I want to get to know you! 

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