5 Most Popular Coffee Brewing Method at Home | What Is The Best?

Nowadays, brewing coffee at home is very common, especially when the pandemic started in late 2019. Numbers of people brewing at home slowly increased due to the restrictions of going outside the house and ordering their favorite coffee at their go-to local coffee shops.

Many coffee enthusiasts have already started brewing their coffee at home using different brewing methods, which we will discuss in this article. We will also recommend what's the best brewing method at the end of this discussion.

We will start at the least popular amongst the five brewing methods.

  1. Percolator - Yes, there are still quite a number of people using this to brew their coffee at home. Percolator is one of the oldest brewing machines, invented in 1819 by Joseph Henry Marie Laurens. A percolator is a stovetop way of brewing coffee. 

The key to an excellent cup is to bring up the temperature of the water slowly until simmering, not boiling. The recipe is always up to your preference, but here's a recommended recipe. A good ratio of coffee grounds and water is 1 tbsp of medium-grind coffee (10g) is to 180ml of water. Brew coffee in simmering water between 5-10 minutes. Enjoy a classic delicious cup of coffee!

  1. Espresso Machine - One of the fanciest ways of brewing a cup of coffee at home. Since it's fancy, only a few people can afford a great quality espresso machine that produces excellent espresso shots and can steam a velvety milk foam. You can build a variety of espresso beverages you see on the menu of your favorite coffee shops. You can make espresso beverages such as latte, americano, macchiato, cappuccino, and many more.

  1. French Press - This is a ubiquitous brewing tool you'll see almost in every coffee shop and at the houses of your coffee lover friends. This was invented in the year 1929 by Italians. French Press is usually recommended for beginners who like to start their coffee journey. It is a straightforward way of brewing a delicious and rich cup of coffee.

A recipe for a rich and robust French Pressed coffee is a ratio of 180ml of simmering water per 1 tbsp (10g) of coarse ground coffee. Stir coffee and simmering water together in the French Press, plunge down an inch, and start the timer for 3-4 minutes. Once done, plunge all the way down and enjoy your coffee.

  1. Pour-Over - A brewing method invented by a German lady named Melitta Bentz in 1908. She designed the pour-over to make a clean cup of flavorful coffee by removing the oils and coffee grounds by filtering them using a paper filter. She was dissatisfied with the unpleasant flavor of a coffee made from a percolator, so she invented the pour-over brewing method.

Pour-over is the top most popular way of brewing handcrafted coffee at home. If French Press is recommended for beginners, Pour-Over is basically an upgrade in your coffee journey. This method requires a bit of technique with your hands when pouring simmering water on top of the coffee grounds. But the good news is that there are already Pour-Over coffee tools to help beginners make it easier to make an excellent cup of coffee. 

CAFEC designed devices such as Tsubame Pro (kettle) to help ease your way in pouring simmering water unto the coffee, the Flower Dripper to bring out good flavors of the coffee at the maximum, the popular Paper Filters designed to extract and leave you a clean and flavorful cup of coffee, and many more. CAFEC encourages every coffee enthusiast to pursue their coffee journey, whether you're a beginner, advanced, or a veteran. The goal of CAFEC is to make you smile while you brew your coffee at home.

  1. Drip Coffee Maker - The famous coffee maker you see everywhere, at home, your office, and your local coffee shops. This electrical drip coffee maker was invented in 1954 in Germany by Gottlob Widmann, The Wigomat. There are already several Drip Coffee Maker machines available in the market and are mostly expensive. You can brew a latte or even a cappuccino with only one press of a button. However, nothing beats this classic drip coffee maker because it's cheap, convenient, and can brew you 7 cups of coffee in one press of a button.


There you have it, all the five most popular coffee brewing methods at home. As promised, I will share my recommendations for every coffee enthusiast out there who wants to brew their coffee at home. 

I recommend using the Pour-Over Method. You may be surprised or not, but this method gives you the cleanest and most flavorful cup you can have, whichever coffee you choose plus there are significant studies that support 

Pour-Over is one of the healthiest ways of making coffee, you can read one of our articles on why you will have Better Health with Filtered Coffee. It's also a fun and exciting process of brewing your coffee and getting all your sensations involved by using your hands in pouring, smelling the aroma while brewing, and distinguishing the distinct flavors of the coffee's origin. Pour-Over gives you a range of sensory experiences like no other.

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