Cafec Pour Over Iced Coffee

Equipment You Will Need for Pour Over Iced Coffee

Pour over iced coffee will result in a more flavorful, brighter, and complex iced coffee. You can also produce different results with the same coffee by adjusting the pour rate and grind size. 


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  1. ▢1 oz coffee beans (Our preference is a light to medium roast with bright flavors. 1 Tbsp is roughly 5 grams but each coffee grinds weigh differently but close.)
  2. ▢5.3-5.6 oz ice
  3. ▢1 ½ cup hot water (plus additional water for step 2; 12.3 oz; Boiling water (212ºF/100ºC) over-extracts flavors from the grounds, which will result in a bitter brew)


  • Start boiling water. 
  • Pre-wet the filter and dump out the water from the cup. 
  • Grind 30 grams beans (I select "drip").   
  • Add 150-160 grams of ice to the server. 
  • Add ground coffee into rinsed filter. 
  • Pour 20-25 grams of hot water (205ºF/96ºC), using a circular motion around the cone and fully wetting the grounds. Allow the coffee to steep for 30 seconds. Pour remaining hot water (up to 350g) so the total weight is 500g/500ml. 
  • Serve the iced coffee with additional ice in a glass. 

Source: @justonecookbook

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